LMG Life Sciences Awards EMEA

The LMG Life Sciences Awards are part of Euromoney Institutional Investor. The awards are researched and
adjudicated by a dedicated awards team that works across range of titles including Benchmark Litigation,
Expert Guides, International Financial Law Review, ITR, Managing IP and The Deal. This approach allows us to
combine a deep knowledge of the life sciences sector, with expertise in reviewing litigation cases, corporate
finance transactions and IP matters.

The LMG Life Sciences Awards is researched by a dedicated LMG awards team that works across the brands to
combine a deep knowledge of the life sciences sector, with expertise in reviewing litigation cases, corporate
finance transactions and IP matters.

For any information about the research please contact lead researcher: john.harrison@legalmediagroup.com


The LMG Life Sciences Awards gives law firms and professional services firms the recognition they deserve for
their efforts in the advancement of law in the life sciences industry. The awards are split into practitioner, firm
and case/deal categories.

Law firms, private practitioners and in-house counsel teams are invited to make nominations detailing their
accomplishments in the life sciences industry within four broad practice specialisms:

• Financial & corporate
• Intellectual property (IP)
• Non-IP litigation & enforcement
• Regulatory

The awards will also recognise a number of impact cases.

We have created two multi-use forms: one for law firms and one for in-house counsel teams. The forms can be
used to make as many nominations in as many categories as appropriate.

A dedicated research team will evaluate the written entries and conduct a series of interviews with leading
practitioners and in-house counsel in the market across multiple areas of law and jurisdictions. Direct
nominations form a vital part of the awards research process and the best way of highlighting your work. The
research team will also review external sources of information, such as research generated by its supporting

Judging process

Final decisions will be made by the LMG Life Sciences awards team following an extensive research process.
Decisions are entirely independent.

Impact case winners are adjudged on their impact within the legal practices of the life sciences. The panel will
also take into consideration legal complexity, innovation, and other relevant challenges in assessing cases.
Firm and individual winners are adjudged on their professional accomplishments within their field between
January 1 to December 31 of the preceding year.

Award categories

Firm of the year
The awards will recognise the best law firm in the following categories:

• Competition / antitrust
• Corporate
• Licensing and collaboration
• M&A
• Opposition procedure
• Parallel import
• Patent litigation – Biologics/Biosimilars
• Patent litigation – Biotech
• Patent litigation – Medical devices
• Patent litigation – Pharmaceuticals
• Patent strategy
• Product liability
• Regulatory
• SPC litigation
• Venture capital
• White collar crime

Lawyer of the year
The lawyer of the year awards will be based primarily on the role an individual has played on influential cases.
The award will also take into consideration advocacy, influence and thought leadership during the period.

• ‘Professional accomplishments’: please include the nominee’s key recent legal work from calendar
year 2020.
• ‘Advocacy, influence and thought leadership’: please include examples that demonstrate the
nominee’s influence in their specialism outside of transactional work, such as roles in decision-making
and leadership, examples of professional creativity and thought leadership.

Entries under ‘work highlights’ that detail key legal matters will also be used to evaluate individual lawyer

Lawyer of the year will be awarded in the following categories:

• Advisory
• Competition / antitrust
• Corporate
• Judicial review
• Licensing and collaboration
• M&A
• Parallel import
• Patent litigator – Biologics/Biosimilars
• Patent litigator – Biotech
• Patent litigator – Medical devices
• Patent litigator – Pharmaceuticals
• Patent strategy and management
• Product liability
• SPC litigator
• White collar crime

Rising Stars
A rising star is an associate or of counsel-level lawyer. Partner-level lawyers are not eligible for rising star
awards, unless the candidate made partner during the research period. Suitable candidates must have under
15 years of professional experience, be under 40 years old and be acting at partner level.

Rising star lawyers will be awarded in the following categories:

• Financial & corporate
• IP
• Non-IP Litigation
• Regulatory

Impact cases of the year
The deals and cases detailed in the ‘work highlights’ section of the form will form the basis of the research for
impact cases of the year. We will also review external sources. Evaluation of cases will include: complexity,
innovation, challenges, impact and outcomes. Work must have closed or had key milestones in 2020 and must
be publishable.

National firm of the year
National firm of the year awards will be based primarily on the evidence of work highlights. The evaluation will
focus on work done under the governing law of the relevant jurisdiction, considering the role of the firm in the
work, its impact and complexity. National firm of the year will be awarded for the following jurisdictions:

• Austria
• Belgium
• Bulgaria
• Croatia
• Cyprus
• Czech Republic
• Denmark
• Estonia
• Finland
• France
• Germany
• Greece
• Hungary
• Iceland
• Ireland
• Israel
• Italy
• Latvia
• Lithuania
• Luxembourg
• Netherlands
• Norway
• Poland
• Portugal
• Romania
• Russia
• Spain
• Sweden
• Switzerland
• Turkey
• Ukraine
• United Kingdom

In-house team of the year
There is a separate form for direct in-house submissions. In-house team awards will be awarded for the
following categories:

• Collaboration*
• Compliance (regulatory) **
• ESG***
• IP
• Financial & corporate
• Litigation & Enforcement

IP, financial & corporate and litigation & enforcement will be based on work highlights.

*Collaboration: this category covers collaborative highlights by the legal team in calendar year 2020. It seeks
to reward complex and high impact projects that required collaboration with private practice, authorities and
industry associations.

**Compliance: this is to reward committed and innovative compliance and reporting projects. The award will
consider a team’s activities in engaging with local compliance regulations and the subsequent reporting: the
complexity of the work, its novelty and outcomes will be considered.

***ESG: ESG stands for environmental, social and corporate governance. This category will reward pioneering
/ transformative ESG policies implemented by the team.

General counsel of the year
Individual awards for in-house practitioners will be awarded in the following categories:

• General counsel leadership award
• General counsel team development award
• UK general counsel of the year
• EU general counsel of the year

Leadership award: recognises leadership within the team and organisation as well as broader leadership roles
within the life sciences legal community.

Team development: reflects specific projects that result in team developments: adding new specialisations,
growing the team numbers, projects that transform the team, talent management etc

GC of the year: this award considers a combination of the individual’s performance during 2020 as well as the
team’s work highlights