Frequently Asked Questions


What content do you produce?

We publish law firm and lawyer rankings and editorials online, with an accompanying annual awards program.


Why take part?

  • Assessment and market analysis informed by a balanced process composed of your direct contributions, independant research, peer feedback, and client review
  • Accurate and in-depth representation of your firm’s activities
  • Exposure to our global audience, composed of many significant corporations and financial institutions.
  • Recognition among industry peers and experts
  • Opportunity for editorial coverage


Can I provide the same information that I provided to another publication?

Yes–so long as it relates to your life sciences practice and the information included is what we have asked for.


How much influence do we have over our ratings vs. the external market?

Firms are encouraged to tell their story via our research and awards form as well as through interviews. We then measure the firm’s input against the feedback we receive via studying the market. If our studies are in harmony with the firm’s assertions, we weigh them equally. If there is an extreme disparity between the firm’s views and a pronounced percentage of the market, we will provide greater weight to the market consensus.


If we participate, are we guaranteed to get rated and/or have commentary?

While we do not guarantee rankings or lawyer ratings, all firms who submit and can prove they are doing notable work in the relevant practice areas will receive consideration as part of our research process. 


Should we list confidential cases/clients? How do we ensure these remain confidential?

Yes, you can provide confidential clients/cases if you feel we should be aware of these, and we will certainly be respectful of confidential agreements – please mark confidential information clearly, ideally in RED.


When/how do you contact client referees?

We contact all client referees provided to us via email and invite them to take part in an online client survey. The survey asks clients about the firms they use, why they use them, what they use them for, how long they have been using them, and about the quality of legal services received. The information provided by clients is confidential though we do publish non-attributed client quotes.


Do you only rank those of partner level?

We rank partners, of counsel and senior associates. LMG Life Sciences does not rank associates or senior counsel, the latter including former stars who have since been de-equitized from their firms. There are rare exceptions where an attorney of counsel will be recognized as a star for performing at a partner level.


We’re a small boutique firm – what chance do we stand against the big brand name firms in your rankings?

Because LMG Life Sciences focuses on a number of practice areas within the industry, specialty shops and smaller firms stand a very good chance of being just as highly rated as large corporate firms, and in some cases even more highly rated.


How do we get an in-person interview?

In-person interviews are welcomed in the New York City area. Simply contact us and request one, and, depending on the schedule flexibility of our researchers, we can arrange one. We also conduct annual visits to various rotating jurisdictions around the Americas. In the event that we are visiting your jurisdiction, we would reach out to your firm to invite you to meet.


Can I review my firm’s editorial in advance of press and suggest changes to it?

No. Firms cannot be allowed to view their editorials prior to press, and are never allowed to have their own input into how they read.


What is the readership of LMG Life Sciences?

The readers of our guide include law firms and buyers of legal services/in-house counsel.


Is LMG Life Sciences "pay-to-play?" If I don’t support the project financially do I still get ranked?

LMG Life Sciences is absolutely not "pay-to-play." Firms cannot pay to appear in the guide, and can only be ranked if our market research deems them worthy of consideration.

Sponsorship opportunities are available by contacting Publisher George Reeves who can detail the available offerings that aim to amplify a firm's ranking results to the industry. These advertising and marketing opportunities are solicited from a dedicated team for firms as a form of an endorsement for your firm being selected by our publication. However, this is only reserved for firms and individuals that are selected for recognition by our publication. Conversely, client firms do enjoy additional benefits and value such as complete lists of ranked lawyers prior to press, first priority with receiving web results, editorial coverage, etc.